HXGN17-12 box-type fixed AC metal-enclosed switchgear

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HXGN17-12 box type fixed AC metal closed switchgear (ring cabinet) is rated voltage 12 kv..AC high-voltage electrical equipment with a rated frequency of 50 Hz is mainly used in three-phase AC ring network, terminal distribution network and industrial electrical equipment, which plays the role of receiving, distributing electric energy and so on. It is also suitable for equipment into box type substation.

 Model meaning


Use of environmental conditions

♦ Ambient air temperature: -15℃ ~+40℃;
♦ Altitude: 2000m and below;
♦ Humidity condition: daily average value is not more than 95%, daily average value of water vapor pressure is not more than 2.2kPa; monthly average value is not more than 90%, monthly average value of water vapor pressure is not more than 1.8kPa.
♦ Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
♦ No corrosive or flammable gas and other obvious pollution places.
Note: When the above normal use conditions are exceeded, the user can negotiate with our company.

Main technical parameters of vacuum circuit breaker

Serial number Name Unit FN12-10 FZN25-12
1 Rated voltage KA 12
2 1min power frequency withstand voltage kV Ground and interphase 42; isolation fracture 48
3 Lightning impulse voltage (peak) kV Ground and interphase 75; isolation fracture 85
4 Rated frequency kV 50
5 Main bus rated current Hz 630
6 Load switch Rated current A 630
7 Rated current power down life A Not less than 100
8 Breaking no-load transformer capacity kVA 1250
9 Rated thermal stability current kA/s 20/4; ground switch 20/2
10 10 Rated dynamic stable current (peak value) KA 50
11 Rated short-circuit making current (peak value) Times 50

Main technical parameters

Serial number Unit Unit FN12-10 FZN25-12
12 Fuse rated current A 100
13 Rated transfer current A 1500 2000
14 Rated short circuit switching current combination kA Terrestrial and interphase 75; isolated fracture surface 85
15   31.5
16 Mechanical life Third 2000 10000
17 Auxiliary circuit 1 min power frequency withstand voltage kV 2
18 Working Voltage of Electric Operating Mechanism V AC/DC 220;110
19 Protection level   IP2X
20 Shape dimensions (width X depth X height) mm 650(850)X900X2000(2200)

Installation dimensions

HXGN17-12 02
Installation, storage, transportation and acceptance

Use and troubleshooting
♦ packaging, storage and transportation
◊ ring net cabinet is packed in single wooden box when it leaves the factory. tipping, inversion and violent vibration are not allowed during storage and transportation. It is not allowed to push and pull directly on the ground when moving; when there is no lifting device, the cylinder can be cushioned under the packing box sleeper to make it slide to the installation position.
◊ prevent the cabinet from rain and moisture.
◊ ring net cabinets should be placed in a well ventilated place and can prevent all kinds of harmful gases from invading. It is strictly forbidden to store in a warehouse with chemicals, acid and alkali, etc.
♦ acceptance
◊ check if the package is damaged before unpacking, pay attention to protect the product when unpacking.
2.2 Inspection of the appearance of the cabinet body; at the same time check whether the components in the cabinet are damaged and whether the fittings are in accordance with the packing list.
◊ check if random files are safe.
a、 product instruction manual and each component instruction in cabinet;
b、 factory test report;
c、 product certification;
d、 packing list;
e、 secondary wiring diagram.

Installation and commissioning
♦ Place the ring network cabinet on the installation foundation during installation, arrange it neatly and debug it, and then fasten it with fasteners.
♦ When installing the main bus bar, open the bus bar room for installation. The contact surface of the connecting bus bar should be flat and free of dirt.
♦ The grounding of the ring network cabinet should be reliably grounded, and the grounding should be checked for loops.
♦ When debugging, follow the instructions of the ring network cabinet and the instructions of each component in the cabinet for debugging.
♦After installation and commissioning, operate the respective switching elements and anti-misoperation mechanism 5 times. If no abnormal phenomena are found, the switch is considered to be operating normally.

Use and troubleshooting
♦ Check before power on
The ring network cabinet shall comprehensively check the electrical performance, insulation level and wiring correctness of all components in the cabinet before power transmission, and check that everything is normal before it can be put into operation.
♦ Normal operation state
During normal operation, regardless of the incoming or outgoing cabinet, the load switch should be in the closing position, the grounding knife should be in the open position, and the cabinet body should be in the closed and locked state.
♦ Troubleshooting
◇When the incoming cabinet is faulty and repaired, the incoming power supply should be cut off first, the load switch should be opened, and the live display on the cabinet should be checked.
Carry out maintenance.
◇When the outlet cabinet is overhauled, the load switch in the cabinet should be disconnected, the grounding knife should be closed, and the front door should be opened for maintenance. At this time, the main busbar is in a live state.

Maintenance and repair
♦ The ring network cabinet needs to be maintained and repaired under the following conditions;
a. Check the insulation level of the product after 5 years of operation;
b. After the load switch has been opened 100 times, the main circuit resistance, the work of the load switch, the static contacts and auxiliary contacts should be checked.
♦ In general, the ring network cabinet should be maintained and overhauled after a power outage.

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